Thursday, 25 April 2013

Filming has started

Hi guys

Well this has been a long time. I apologise but there is no point blogging if I have nothing to report.

Well I am happy to tell you all that Dan of the Dead is being filmed!!! The first 3 shots have been produced and I am in full swing.
I have recently moved house and brought the studio with me. Luckily I have a spare room which is where the magic is happening.

I have dressed the set, recorded Dans voice and started shooting. It's been an amazing feeling to finally see my work in action.

Here is a shot of Dan and the Zombie on the dressed set. We have burgers and chips, crisps and bloody stained walls.

I would love to show you the opening shots of the film but as I am shooting in order for continuity reasons (blood etc) I will leave you all in suspense. Don't worry some shots will be posted soon.

Here is the rig used for the opening shit of the film. It took 3 attempts to get it how I wanted but I am happy I've done it justice.

Dan has a lot of walking in the short and unfortunately animation supplies armatures are not good enough for magnetic tie down. Not enough metal to magnetise. Here is animation toolkits rig for making him walk. It's perfect and I recommend everyone gets one. eventually Dan will be re-fit with animation toolkits ray harryhausen armature kit. Also available from the website.

That's all for now. I will keep you posted more often now I'm animating. Please let your friends know about Dan of the Dead



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