Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Set construction and Emotimo TB3

Hi all

Hope you're all well? I have been busy the past week getting the set built. I am hoping in my next blog to have a completed set ready for Dan to explore!!!

Early last week I started to make some smaller props to dress the public toilet set. Can you guess what they all are?

Don't you just hate not when you go to the toilet and there's no toilet paper!? Dan has this very dihlema in the pilot episode.

I used a small tub of black gloss to make the toilet seat look reflective

The hand dryer was made from fimo, as most of my props are made. This has a varnish finish to make it shine.

Some piping being painted up

Testing the main shot for the ident coming soon where Dan is looking in the mirror

A rusty old tap

I found a great spray can paint at B&Q the other day, it gives the effect of mottled stone, I thought it would be perfect for the toilet floor. Later you'll see how it looks

I started work on the urinals and piping, i'm redoing them in fimo as the clay cracked :-(

An almost finished toilet cubicle!!! just needs graffiti dotting around. Any funny ideas... drop me a line

The set showing you how the floor looks, i'm really happy with how it's all looking!

On an animation note I have come across something excellent which I will be investing in. It's called emotimo TB3. Here is the website address http://www.emotimo.com

This bad boy plugs straight into Dragonframe stop motion. Using the Arc motion via the program you can use pan and tilt just like a professional stop motion company. It has a spare motor socket so you can add a motorised dolly to the fun. Dragonframe Arc Motion speaks straight to the box and tells it to pan, tilt or track. Cool ha? here's a video of it in action

So next blog i'll hopefully have a finished set with a couple of test shots with Dan. Very quickly, Daz has been working hard on the Zombie for the pilot/ident. 

This is nothing guys... just wait until he's painted him up. Can't wait!!! Goodbye for now, keep checking my blog, visit the website too and become a member http://www.danofthedead.co.uk

Cheers for now 



  1. absolutely loving the sets. all the little appliances and accessories looks great, how did you get the taps to look old? i take it its just silver pant with something on it?

    you could have a hit man phone number on one of the walls?

    can't wait to see more.

  2. Haha. Like the idea of a hitman phone number. Thanks for the comment. I used silver paint and a paint pallet I bought from model zone in uk which had rust, metal wear etc. came up really well. Only cost £7 :-)

  3. Toilet and faucets look great! Very smartly done!

  4. Nice one Jon, glad you're enjoying the posts