Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Zombie has arrived - Emotimo

Hi all,
Oh have I got some news to tell you lot!!! Firstly I have my Emotimo rig for filming pans, tilts and slides. But you're not bothered about that! You've just read "Zombie has arrived" - so without further ado, here is the first of many Zombies in Dan of the Dead.

Beautifully sculpted and fabricated by Darren Longthorne, he spent many days working away in his workshop, we still have some shredded costume to add on yet, but you can see what it's gonna look like.

I think he fits in perfectly on the set, the set still needs dirtying up and adding graffiti etc. But it's getting there

The contrast between Dan and the Zombie I feel works really well, the comedy of the living with the scowling gruesome look of the undead

Let me know what you think, have any questions to ask Daz, let me know

Ok, take a breather. Time to talk about the amazing Emotimo, I mentioned it briefly in the last blog post, but this kit is seriously impressive, at a very reasonable price, animators can produce pan, tilt and slide moves for there films using the dragon frame arc motion software, it works an absolute treat. Here is a quick set up I did

You can see the emotimo attached to the kovona slider unit. At the moment the slider is hand cranked, but I can add a stepper motor to it which links straight to the emotimo.

Here is a quick test of the kinda shots I will be able to produce using the Emotimo

Check out the emotimo website here - www.emotimo.com Any questions, give Brian an email, he's more than happy to answer them.

So, whats next?

I think I need to do a vlog update! seems to be the new "in thing" but I suppose it makes it easier for you guys to see whats going on, possible talk you all through the emotimo and see Dan of the Dead set up close

But for now... Please keep spreading the word. Let's get Dan of the Dead viral #hashtag danofthedead on your tweets, like the Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/danofthedeadseries and become a member on the official website www.danofthedead.co.uk

Thanks for your continued support

Pete & Darren


  1. awesome work!! zombie looks awesome, unfortunately the test clip wouldn't work for me.

  2. Thanks Mark. Yep, had a few problems with the video, will repost it later today. Glad you're liking it all. It's much appreciated

  3. Cheers dude, it's getting there

  4. great puppet and Awesome new toy!!


  5. Cheers Justin. Slowly getting there! :-)