Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Zombies are coming!!!

Hi all, I'm back on my blog and I'm trying my best to keep it up to date and try and inspire other animators!!!
"Dan of the Dead" is picking up some speed! I can now welcome on board one of the best sculptors I've ever come across, Darren Longthorne.
Darren is a massive fan of the zombie films and has passed on his years of zombie knowledge to me.
He is also designing and sculpting all the the zombie characters for the project.
I went to see him earlier this week and he's already made a start on the first one. I hope you realise from the pictures this is just a snippet of what Darren is capable of doing... Think of zombies heads exploding and intestines spilling out of the ribcage... He'll be doing them all. Making the zombies as gruesome as possible.
Here is his first sculpt after 4 hours work, still lots to finish of and detail to be added, but I'm sure you can see where we are going with this project

I can't tell you how excited I am by this project. Please keep visiting, and more importantly, share it with all your friends.
Here is a link to "Dan of the Dead" very own fan page
go on... Click on the "like" button :-)
Speak very soon guys
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  1. AWESOME Pete, These are going to rock man, nice work!

  2. Cheers buddy. It's definitely moving in the right direction :-)

  3. That sculpt is grotesque! I love it. The dentures on that guy are really amazing.

    Just heard about this film. Look forward to hearing more :)

  4. Cheers Matt. I can't wait to post more zombies up. Keep checking the blog for updates :-)

  5. Great rotting zombie head! It's going to be an excellent project!

    1. Cheers Jon. I can't wait to share it with all you guys. Your kind words keep me going :-)