Monday, 13 June 2011

Jim construction part 4

Hi everyone

Just a quick update on Jim's head.

After many different tests I have finally picked the head and materials to use. He is made out of soft fimo. I did a lot of tests with White fimo which helped work out his head shape. But when it came to colouring I thought it would be better to actually use coloured fimo.

The advantage of fimo is you can make the basic shape and bake it solid, then you can add more fimo on top and repeat the process. You can repeat as many times as you want. Building up the detail.

Next thing to do is fit Jim's head onto the armature and cast his neck. That will need to be in silicone so it can move and be flexible

Keep reading and spreading the word. The stop motion Zombies are coming


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  1. Cheers man. Can't wait to get animating full expressions etc

  2. GREAT face...I like the design alot!!


  3. Justin - thanks a lot dude. Hope all is well on ParaNorman?

    Darkstrider - cheers man.