Thursday, 16 June 2011

Jim construction part 5/set design

Hi guys. I've been doing a few finishing touches to Jim. I'm going to start be explaining how I made the neck.

First I sculpted the neck in plastercine.

Then I stuck it to some foam board and also made a perimeter wall ready for casting. I covered any gaps with a small amount of plastercine for a perfect seal.

Then I mixed some resin plaster and poured it into the tub surrounding the neck. Making sure I didn't cover the top of the neck. This is so it's easier to get the silicone out later.

Next I made a slightly smaller version of the neck out of fimo and cooked it. I placed it in the centre of the upside down cast, superglueing it to a piece of mdf. I then made sure the inner piece wasn't touching the sides of the cast. Holding it all together with elastic bands.

Last part was to pour the silicone into the mould. Once done I was able to slot the neck over Jim's armature. Hey presto... One flexible neck.

I think it's about time I mentioned my co partner in this project. Rob Vaughan. He's working on the script and design of the film with me. The script is coming on great, but I couldn't possibly show you that could I? What I can show you is the early makings of the set design for our pilot scene... Gents toilet!!! Sounds great eh

Here's Rob working on the mdf for the four walls.

Here's Rob showing off our clever idea of being able to flat pack our sets and fix them to the set without any bolts showing. Clever that.

In other quick news. I decided against the ball and sockets in the arms. I want more flexibility with him. So this is a new cast with wire and epoxy gum inside.

Thats all for now keep reading my blog and please spread the word. But for now. Good bye and peace out!!!


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