Monday, 6 June 2011

Jim construction part 3/Walk cycle

Hi guys

Sorry it's been a few weeks. I blame it on my job! Haha

Luckily I have a few weeks of spare time to work on Jim/pilot scene for Stop Motion Zombies

So I left you last with Jim's 2 part mould ready to have silicone poured in. Well hey presto... Here is the finished arms out of the cast and fitted to the armature.

Next step is to foam out the armature with upholstery foam. This helps when Babs (scope animations costume designer) makes the pants/shirt. She can make a tight fit to the foam. This stops the fabric bubbling when moved during shot.

Here is the finished puppet ready to be fitted by Babs. Not looking too bad.

Also in other news. I have been converting my studio from my back room to the middle room which is bigger. Giving me more room to animate.

Sneak peek of Jim on the new set top. It's a full sheet of metal. Great for using the magnet technique instead of tie downs (which I find a little messy and time consuming)

Here is a quick walk cycle test with Jim

Thats all for now folks, hope its kept you all up to date on my project



  1. This Guy is really starting to take shape :)

  2. Yeh he's getting there buddy. Hope all is well with your uni work?

  3. Great work, friend! Question: Did you make the armature too?

  4. The armature was bought in. it was the pro plus range