Monday, 9 May 2011

Jim construction part 2

Hi everyone.

I've had another busy week at my paid job, but managed to get a few sculpts and casts done.

So... Since the last post I have made Jim's right foot in silicone and attached it to the armature.

Today I will be talking about Jim's hands. I forgot to take a close up of his hands before this blog so you'll have to look at the full armature instead.

I have took the whole arm off from the shoulder joint and wrapped it in cling-film ready to sculpt the arms over the top.

Here are the sculpted arms. I've attached the top arm joint to a special ball socket which will be embedded into the cast. This will be used as a locator/way of attaching the armature in the middle of the mould when casting the silicone. You'll see this more clearly later.

Next step was to cover half of the hands in plastercine. A sculpt like this needs to be made in 2 halves otherwise you would never get the arm out after casting. I've also added square plastercine to act as locators for when the 2 halves are wedged together during silicone casting. The tube of plastercine that connects the arms is there so I can get my allen key in to undo the armature from it's locator.

This is the first half cast. I had to redo a few bits of details before casting. You can see the ball locator protruding out with no plastercine around. This is because it needs to stick into the plaster and not move. next I smothered the plaster in Vaseline to make it easy to pry the 2 halves apart.

Here are the 2 halves cast with the armature fixed to the locators which are stuck into the cast.

The cast has worked really well. I need to sand down a few rough edges, but hopefully in the next post I will have 2 perfectly good working arms/hands.

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  1. Super interesting stuff :)

  2. Cheers guys. Justin, hows Paranorman going? Loving your posts. How amazing to get animating for such a well known animation company like Laika!!! Awesome man!!!