Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dan of the Dead update

Hi all loyal fans. Hope you're well?
I am free from the theatre I work at for 2 months!!! That's right 2 months. You know what that means?
Dan of the Dead goes back into full production.
This week I made the armature for our first Zombie. It's been sent to Daz for fabricating, he will also be adding his zombie head. Not long till you see a fully made up zombie!!! Can't wait for you all to see

Whilst at Daz's, he showed me The zombie skin he has been casting.

Ugly eh? Back at the studio I've cleared out the music video set and re-assembled the toilet set. Time to finish that off. Still a lot to do so I'll update soon.
I have decided to redo Dans hands. I was never completely satisfied with them. I am
Also looking at making silicone hands to sell on scope animations website.

Here are the hands sculpted. Before I build up the clay wall I am going to spray the hands with Crystal Clear to give it a film over the hands. This will stop me from making dints and dents in the plastercine when building up the clay wall.

I will update you more on this in the next blog.
In other news. I've been experimenting with gelatine and film blood. This is for blood splatters etc

Thats all for now. Hope you enjoy reading these blogs. More to come very soon. Keep checking and tweeting :-)
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  1. Everything looks really good!

  2. Cheers dude, it's moving very fast now... website launching soon