Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dan of the Dead/Website

Hi all
I have a few things to shout about today. Firstly, I am working on Scope Animations website. This is my company which is producing Dan of the Dead. It's not launched yet but there is a sneak peak at Dan of the Dead behind the scenes on the home page. Check it out
Secondly, today I have been to see Darren who is making the Zombies for a catch up and see where he's up to.
He was waiting for me to approve his Zombie head before priming it. Which he did while I was there

The zombie is ready for Daz to paint. But not until I give him a new armature. The one I gave him turned out to be slightly small from the waist to neck. Also the arms could do with being longer. I shall work on them this week and pass it back to him for full fabrication and painting. Here are a few shots of the finishes zombie head primed

That's all for now. Please keep checking this blog and let everyone else know about it. Dan of the Dead T-Shirts are coming soon folks
Bye for now

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