Saturday 28 September 2013

Successful Kickstarter Campaign!!!

WE DID IT!!! Yes we are one of the 40% successful projects funded via Kickstarter! 

Lets start off by saying a MASSIVE thank you to all who backed the project. It has been an amazing month! We actually reached over 61% of our target. Meaning we can give everyone a fantastic behind the scenes featurette for you all to see how the process is made from start to finish.
So what now. Well, we have just received our funding and the first purchase will be for the featurette, we are buying a good quality SLR camera with HD capabilities for shooting the doc. This will then be our upgrade camera when we work on hopefully the next Dan project.
We have been busy skyping important people working on the project, like Nathan Britton our composer. He is currently working on the first 2 minutes of the film. You can hear Nathan's work here
Our graphics guy David Chaudoir is busy working on the end credits which is going to look fantastic. Not giving anything more away. But take a look at his video below, you'll see what kind of people we are working with. Its amazing!!!

Our 2nd Zombie is being created at the moment by Darren, we are so lucky that with your money we can give him a fully working ball and socket armature for the zombie. We are using the best in the business by Animation Tool Kit, its the famous Ray Harryhausen Armacreature kit. They are fantastic. Dan is already using one, but we are now able to put the zombies in them too.

Andy has been busy working on a unique poster for the film. I think he has come up with a cracker!!! What do you guys think?

I have been busy animating away. We have 2 minutes shot. Another 3 to go so i'm well into it. But we may have an animator on board to help the work flow, watch this space!!!

That's all for now, please keep tweeting and ace booking


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